What Guides Us?

Every plant, in its true form, has the extraordinary ability to restore our bodies' natural vitality. Our commitment to quality is apparent in everything we create. With every sip of tea you drink and essential oil you diffuse, rest easy knowing that you are enjoying the best botanicals while leaving a lighter footprint on this earth. Our belief that people, plants, and planet are more important than profit guides everything we do. We forgo profit for quality, forgo expansion for reliability, everything is of the highest quality for our farmers, our workers, our customers, and our earth.

A Commitment to Quality

From product quality and sustainable packing, to fair trade practices and watershed conservation, The Health Place Africa is committed to bringing you herbal supplements of the highest quality. Through arduous research and a dedication to sustainability, we are able to provide products that are the best for both you and the Earth because we take pride in doing business right.

The Power of Transparency

Discover the origin of your herbs and validate your product’s quality.

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