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Our Sources


Our Sourcing Methods

Our responsibility is to provide the best herbal botanicals, and to take care of the environment and the community while doing so.

We have partnered with various farms and started our certified organic farm in Kaduna, Nigeria to offer only the highest quality of produce.


Our major driving force is finding only the highest quality herbs and botanicals available.

 All of our partners meet our rigorous specifications and our team of experts ensures that they adhere to the protocols.


Driven by our goal of improving the position of marginalised social groups around the world (particularly in developing countries), our sourcing guidelines support and enrich the livelihoods of thousands of small farmers (mostly women) and workers through fair pricing and an additional, allocated-type of dividend: development premium funds.

Fair trade development premiums are placed into a separate communal fund that workers and farmers can use to improve their social, economic, and environmental conditions.

These premium funds can be deployed at the community's discretion to enhance the local economy (by investing in farm improvements, equipment, or employee housing), or to enrich the community directly (through the construction of schools, healthcare facilities, or vital regional infrastructure, such as roads and bridges).

Our Process

We work with over 300 different plants, and each of them has a custom process taken from harvest to packaging. We use third-party laboratories to test and provide the necessary resources to ensure that only the best quality plants are used.

Nature provides tirelessly, and we work tirelessly to ensure consistency in purity and quality is maintained.



    • Our Essential and Carrier oils are packaged in glass bottles.
    • Our Hydrosols are packaged in plastic bottles made from recycled plastic.
    • Our Tea paper boxes are made from 100 percent post-consumer waste materials.
    • All of our Labels, Paper Bags and Cartons are made with 100 percent recycled paper.
    • Our Teabags are made from paper filter and corn silk, both biodegradable and environment friendly., The filter paper is free of dyes, adhesive, and glue, and is oxygen-bleached (no chlorine used), therefore eliminating dioxins.Compliant for all food standards. Non-GMO and free of allergens and epichlorohydrin.
    • Our Capsules are vegetarian made from cellulose from softwood trees.
    • We offer a recycling program with incentives for our customers.
    • Electricity is saved by turning all lights and appliances off completely when not in use, including computers.
    • Printing is kept to a minimum; we use primarily digital documents. We are surrounded by nature and we love it; so we believe there’s no need for forest destruction.
    • For us, being a sustainable company is not limited to ecological sustainability; It refers to the creation of long-term values; values that, thanks to our employees, shall exist for many years and we believe they benefit the entire of society.