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Trash For Cash Program

We all know how important it is to reduce our impact on the environment. At The Health Place ,we are environmentally-minded and strive to create a world without waste.

 Our businesses is no exception and to lessen our carbon and environmental footprint, we are not only taking responsibility for our product’s impact from sourcing of materials but all the way to its ultimate disposal.

We use eco-friendly sustainably sourced RECYCLED PAPER to make our packaging, we have switched to glass bottles and in the cases where we use plastic, it is 100 percent recycled plastic

For the future, we will continually make better choices to ensure our full packaging range is 100% eco-friendly.

While at this, we encourage our customers to help us save the planet by leveraging our customer incentives for recycling our glass bottles and paper tubes.



  • All potential waste is evaluated for recycling, compost, and reuse.
  • All botanical refuse is collected for composting at local nurseries and our local commercial composter.