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Prolactin Regulating Mix - 100 Capsules 650mg Each

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Scientific Name: HERBAL MIX

Origin: USA

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Prolactin helps stimulate and maintain breast milk production, it is the hormone that’s largely responsible for lactation.

Hyperprolactinemia describes an excess of prolactin in the blood of women who are not pregnant and in men. Hyperprolactinemia is relatively common in women. 

Galactorrhea is a milky nipple discharge unrelated to the normal milk production whilst breast-feeding, it is the spontaneous discharge of the milk from the nipples. It is different from regular milk secretion that happens during and after pregnancy. 

When this happens, a woman might have trouble getting pregnant or her breasts may start producing milk outside of pregnancy (galactorrhea). Ninety percent of women with galactorrhea also have hyperprolactinemia.

High prolactin levels interfere with the normal production of other hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone. This can change or stop ovulation (the release of an egg from the ovary). It can also lead to irregular or missed periods. Some women have high prolactin levels without any symptoms.

Some common causes are:

  • Pituitary tumors (prolactinomas)
  • Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid)
  • Medicines given for depression, psychosis, and high blood pressure
  • Herbs, including fenugreek, fennel seeds, and red clover 
  • Irritation of the chest wall (from surgical scars, shingles, or even a too-tight bra)
  • Stress or exercise (usually excessive or extreme)
  • Certain foods
  • Nipple stimulation

Our prolactin regulating mix has dopaminergic constituents that bind with dopamine D2 receptors in the anterior pituitary, leading to inhibition of prolactin.

This mix should be taken 3 times a day and will usually reduce high prolactin within 3- 4 months of consistent use. You can retest for prolactin levels after 6 months.


Premium Quality

• Ingredients Imported 100% raw from the USA ✓

• Carefully formulated  in Nigeria ✓

• USDA Organic* ✓

• Non-GMO** ✓

• GMP Manufacturing ✓

All our products are 100% natural and processed in a FDA Registered Facility in the USA.

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

You should not use the information contained herein for
diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or for prescribing any medication. We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using any herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications.

Contains Premium Ingredients to balance female hormones. Ingredients: Raspberry Leaf, Nettle Leaf, Astragalus root, Tulsi Basil, Hibiscus Blossom, Cinnamon, Mullein Root,Cleavers, Calendula, Nettle, artichoke leaf, Cinnamon and our Proprietary blend of multiple other herbal extracts*

Prolactin Regulating Mix - 100 Capsules 650mg Each
Prolactin Regulating Mix - 100 Capsules 650mg Each Sale price₦11,500.00