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Connecting People, Plants & Planet to Create Healing

The Health Place Africa is a company that embraces ingredient purity, integrity, environmental sustainability, social and environmental responsibility , and closeness with nature. As a certified green business, we specialize in selling organic botanicals,  herbs, spices, plant-derived carrier and essential oils.

Our roots go back twelve years ago when our founder, Ola decided to make major lifestyle changes in her life after discovering that her grand mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

After medical checks she realized that she herself had fibroids and lumps in her left breasts. She zealously researched alternative natural remedies that could work for her and with a great deal of commitment, with attention to efficacy and safety, she is happy to announce not only is she happier and healthier today, her ailments have been naturally reversed and is in the best shape of her life.

At The Health Place, we believe that nature heals every ailment and so Ola embarked on the path of modern herbalism, and her passion and drive has provided the entire world with The Health Place, a hub of natural remedies and solutions.

Our primary goal is to educate the masses of natural alternatives to modern pharmaceuticals per the SDG Goal 3 that ensures healthy lives and promotes wellbeing.

After the loss of her newborn to Spina Bifida in 2015,The Health Place was finally registered as a business as a platform to raise awareness and educate women in a bid to reduce preventable deaths of newborns and to empower everyone to take charge of their health.

We are passionate about providing everyone who is in need of the most effective  natural products that can enhance a healthier lifestyle and provide with rare nutrients and elements.

With years of experience, we remain committed to herbal education, innovation environmental stewardship, and social equity.

Our founding values are infused with the core principles of our company. As a responsible business, we are at the forefront of change for healthier and happier lives.


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