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Botanical Name: Picrorhiza kurroa

Origin: India

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For diabetes  

Blood sugar levels in diabetes are high that cause damage to the eyes, bones, heart and other organs. A study by Joy et al. in 1999 on rats showed that extracts from kutki can lower blood sugar levels. It also showed that it could reduce the damage caused by a chemical called alloxan in diabetes, which may prevent further complications of diabetes. The study proves that kutki extracts might be helpful for people with diabetes.

For obesity  

Obesity is an inflammatory and metabolic disorder that occurs due to excess accumulation of fat in the body tissue that releases various inflammatory mediators that can cause cellular damage. A study by Almeleebia et al. in 2022 showed that the root extracts of kutki can reduce the levels of inflammatory mediators involved in inflammatory processes.

For microbial infections 

Bacteria and fungi can enter the body and release toxins that can cause infection in the eyes, nose, skin, lungs and other body organs. A study by Almeleebia et al. in 2022 showed that the phytochemicals found in the kutki extracts could inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi in the body and may help in managing bacterial and fungal infections.

For liver diseases and fatty liver

The liver is a major organ that plays a vital role in the absorption of fat, synthesis of hormones and detoxification of the body. A study by Almeleebia et al. in 2022 showed that kutki benefits in liver-related issues such as jaundice, recurrent fever and viral hepatitis. Its extracts have kutkin, which protects the liver by suppressing substances that can harm liver health. The phytochemicals in kutki extracts also help in reducing the liver toxicity caused by alcohol. Although more research is required to understand the benefits of kutki for liver cirrhosis, the study shows that kutki might help manage liver diseases.

Kutki is known for the strong hepatoprotective properties it possesses. It has the ability to protect the liver tissues against the bad effects of alcohol and toxins. It helps to strengthen the liver functions and relieve the symptoms of fatty liver.


For stomach ulcers 

When stomach or intestinal linings get damaged because of the acid present, it causes stomach or intestinal ulcers. A study by Almeleebia et al. in 2022 showed that kutki root extracts have a protective effect on the stomach. It can reduce ulcers caused by a medicine named Indomethacin. The extract promotes mucus formation, which protects the stomach and intestinal lining from ulcer formation. It also lowers the production of chemicals involved in ulcer formation. The study shows that kutki might help those struggling with ulcers.  

Other potential uses of kutki: 

  • It might help manage diarrhoea, flatulence, bloating, abdominal discomfort and burning sensations. 
  • It might help in dealing with immune dysfunction. 
  • The phytochemicals in kutki might reduce free radicals that can damage heart health. It may potentially keep the heart healthy and free from illnesses.  
  • It may lower cholesterol levels. 
  • It might help in managing asthma. 
  • Kutki leaf extracts might help in managing anaemia


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• Imported 100% raw from India ✓

• Carefully Packed in Nigeria ✓

• USDA Organic* ✓

• Non-GMO** ✓

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 All our products are 100% natural and processed in a FDA Registered Facility in India.

 Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.


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Kutki - Choose Form
Kutki - Choose Form Sale price₦9,500.00