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Cleavers (Loose) 50 Grams

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Botanical Name: Galium aparine
Origin: Bulgaria

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Cleavers is a creeping plant with tiny hairs, clinging leaves, and sticky seeds that cling to passers-by. Found growing around the world, Galium aparine is an herbaceous annual in the Rubiaceae family. Dried cleavers herb is commonly tinctured, steeped as tea, or used topically.

Breast Health

Galium aparine, commonly known as Cleavers has a special affinity for the breasts and lymphatic system.

Cleavers is especially useful for breast cysts and  is rich in chlorophyll, promoting lymph drainage.

For women, the largest reservoir of lymph is located in the tissues of the breast. Lymph drains away from the breast and breast cysts develop as a result of fluid accumulation inside the glands in the breasts.

Fibrocystic breast is not a disease and may be the result of hormonal changes aggravated by weight gain, stress, caffeine, chocolate, smoking, and poor diet. In addition, restrictive clothing that presses on lymph nodes can impede lymph flow.

Research studies show that hormones tend to collect in breast tissue, a good reason to eat organic hormone free meat and dairy, and a lymphatic self-breast massage is recommended

Lymphatic Cleanse

Cleavers strengthens lymphatic circulation, eases breast congestion, tonifies veins, counters blood clots and has the ability to work fibrositis out of the tissues including uterine fibroids. Useful for urinary tract infections and prostatitis it is a diuretic that cools and shrinks inflamed tissues of the urinary tract.

Prostate and Urinary Conditions

Cleavers is also known as a plant for the prostate and the urinary common symptoms that arise from prostate enlargement.  Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH  responds quite well to lymphatic movers that help reduce swelling. Cleavers enhances the function of the lymphatic system and improves its ability to flush out toxins, decrease congestion and reducing swelling.

Urinary Tract Infections ( UTI)

Regular drinking of Cleavers tea can act as a preventative measure for the incidence of recurring UTI’s.

The “Indian Journal of Research in Pharmacy and Biotechnology” published an article about the diagnosis, causes, symptoms and treatments of UTI’s. It recommends Cleavers for acute or chronic cystitis with swollen lymph nodes and uterine inflammation

Kidney Cleanse Uric Acid 
Worldwide, cleavers most common use has been as a cleansing herb for treating ailments from kidney and urinary disorders to infections and itching.

Cleavers is a diuretic herb that help the kidneys release excess sodium into the urine and can prevent the build up of other minerals that can cause kidney stones if left unchecked.It provides both soothing and diuretic actions Cleavers also aids in the elimination of uric acid.

Skin Detox

Besides being a very effective diuretic, cleavers is frequently taken internally to treat skin complaints like eczema, seborrhea and psoriasis. 

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Cleavers (Loose) 50 Grams
Cleavers (Loose) 50 Grams Sale price₦4,500.00