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Mistletoe Loose - 100 Grams

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Scientific Name: Viscum album

Origin: USA

Mistletoe (Viscum album) is a member of the Viscaceae plant family. European mistletoe (Viscum album) is harvested for its leaves, stems, and berries to make herbal extracts, teas, and injections.Health benefits that have been attributed to mistletoe include improving cardiovascular health, relieving stress and anxiety, and boosting the immune system to help fight off colds and respiratory problems. It is also a popular complementary therapy for cancer treatment in many parts of the world

Potential Cancer Patients 

More research is needed on this.

Today, mistletoe extracts are the most frequently prescribed unconventional cancer therapies in Germany and some other European countries, where mistletoe is sold as a prescription drug, most often for cancer.

Mistletoe may have actions that help calm anxiety. Studies suggest that mistletoe can be effective for reducing depression and anxiety in cancer patients.

According to the National Cancer Institute, mistletoe is one of the most widely researched alternative therapies for people living with cancer. Research suggests that mistletoe may stimulate the immune system to help fight cancer.

Mistletoe extracts have anti-cancer activity, as mistletoe inhibits cancer cell proliferation (spread) and even kills existing cancer cells in an experimental laboratory setting. Research also suggests that mistletoe can be effective for improving the quality of life of cancer patients.

Heart Health

Mistletoe help prevent high blood pressure. Research shows that mistletoe has antioxidant effects, which improves circulation and protects the heart and the blood vessels. Mistletoe might also help regulate heart rate. 

Mistletoe is classed as “hypotensive”, meaning it can lower blood pressure. According to David Hoffman, author of “Medical Herbalism: The Science Principles and Practices of Herbal Medicine”, “Mistletoe opens up circulation to areas that have been cut off from adequate blood supply by tension. It reduces cardiovascular tension and blood pressure, while bringing in new blood, blood sugar, and healing to areas long cut off, tensed up, weakened, or damaged.”

Its ability to lower blood pressure helps to prevent pressure on the cardiovascular system which in turn prevents the chances of shrinkage of the arteries which can induce atherosclerosis. This action can help to prevent coronary heart disease and strokes.

Mistletoe has also been found to upregulate the nitric oxide pathway. A lack of nitric oxide to the heart can lead to heart failure and other dangerous heart conditions


The anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties of the plant make it a candidate for helping treat chronic inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis.


Mistletoe is an immune stimulant, with studies showing it can both stimulate and modulate the immune system. It is antioxidant, antibacterial and antiviral, helping to defend the body and fight off illnesses.

Mistletoe can also be used to strengthen the immune system post-operational. A 2006 study on immune modulation using Mistletoe found that an extract of the herb’s active ingredient “iscador”, could minimise the immune suppression triggered by anaesthesia and operation stress.


Mistletoe has been used for generations to help balance blood sugar levels. Some research supports mistletoe’s potential in treating diabetes 

Sleep and Insomnia

Mistletoe has been used traditionally as a relaxant and herbal remedy for sleep for centuries. The chemical components of this herb impact the release of neurotransmitters that calm down and soothe the nervous system, which in turn will allow for a healthy and restful sleep.

In summary mistletoe treats mental and physical exhaustion; reduces the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy; is used as a tranquilizer; and for treating whooping cough, asthma, dizziness, diarrhea, chorea, and liver and gallbladder conditions.

Hormonal Imbalance

Mistletoe has been used to help manage menopause symptoms, such as fatigue and trouble sleeping, and to regulate hormones when a woman experiences irregular periods.

In post-menopausal women, the population most likely to suffer from osteoporosis, it may also be able to help defend against weak bonesand fractures.


Mistletoe should not be used during pregnancy, since there are no studies to show it’s safe and some that suggest it can cause changes in the uterus that increase miscarriage risk.

It also shouldn’t be used by anyone with an autoimmune disease since it might cause the immune system to become more active or anyone being treated for diabetes or heart disease/high blood pressure since it can modify glucose/blood sugar levels

Premium Quality

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Mistletoe Loose - 100 Grams Sale price₦12,500.00 Regular price₦15,000.00