In the ideal world our liver is meant to help remove toxins. For women, the liver is to help breakdown used estrogen and metabolize it to be excreted. ⁣

Well .. we live in not so ideal times, for some of us our liver is sluggish and it does not detoxify as efficiently allowing “dirty” estrogens back into the bloodstreams and contributing to excess estrogen ⁣

Bad breathe⁣
Yellow eyes⁣
Bloating and constipation⁣
Energy slumps⁣
Pms etc may be signs of an overtaxed liver ⁣

Food should always be the first step in treatment. ⁣
Cruciferous foods like cabbage, kale, broccoli, are rich in Diindolylmethane which helps the detoxification pathway of the liver.⁣

Flaxseeds binds to dirty estrogen, it also improves fertility and is a rich source of fiber⁣

For herbs use Dandelion roots - it’s bitter, will promote bile production which help with toxin excretion. ⁣Milk thistle, Burdock root etc

Iodine-rich foods like kelp detoxifiers dirty estrogen ⁣

Beetroots love your liver , cleanse your blood and are rich in folate.⁣

For supplements - glutathione, DIM, NAC, Calcium D-glucarate etc ⁣

You clean your surroundings and house daily - do same with your internal organs majorly with food, then supplement with herbs and supplements 🙂

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