Your hormones believe it or not depends on stable blood sugar just as a healthy gut⁣

How? You might ask?⁣

Blood sugar that is way out of control whether high or low can really mess with your hormones and exacerbate your estrogen dominance.⁣

Let’s break it down ⁣
High blood sugar is the leading cause of high testosterone in women⁣
High blood sugar suppresses the sex hormones (SHBG) and a lack of SHBG means higher testosterone which can leads to polycystic ovarian syndrome PCOS⁣
Because estrogen is made from testosterone ; as testosterone levels rises because of high blood sugar so does the likelihood of estrogen dominance⁣
See the link.....⁣

High blood sugar also raises insulin which causes insulin resistance - the major reason why women with PCOS have insulin resistance. ⁣

High insulin levels trigger the release of cortisol- the stress hormone which messes with a host of issues even your periods ⁣

Most Pcos sufferers have high insulin levels and don’t know it or ignore it. It is rare to see someone whose blood sugar is stable and her hormones are not stable

High blood sugar ⁣
Lowers your immunity ⁣
Increases your chance of fatty liver diseases ⁣
Feeds candida, ⁣
Increases our body’s Ph and makes it more acidic ⁣

In this part of the world despite our good and nutritious meals I think the culprits would be fizzy drinks, concentrate fruit juices and pastries ⁣

If you are ⁣
Constantly thirsty⁣
Constantly hungry ⁣
Struggling with Stubborn belly fat ⁣
Frequently urinating - those may be tell tale signs that you have hyperglycemia ⁣

How can you fix this? ⁣
Fix your food first- Be more aware of how much sugar you consume even the “healthy foods” we eat has a load of sugar. Swipe to see what we mean ⁣
Be more aware of glycemic index ⁣
Avoid artificial sweeteners use unadulterated honey or molasses ⁣
Inositol can help you especially if you have insulin resistance, PCOS. ⁣

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