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Mugwort Leaf Loose-Choose Form

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Scientific Name: Artemisia vulgaris

Origin: USA

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Mugwort is a herb named after the ancient Greek goddess Artemis, a goddess of virginity and childbirth⁣

Mugwort is⁣ used for 

Delayed or Absent Menstruation

An EMMENAGOGUE (stimulates blood flow in the pelvic area to encourage the smooth flow of menstruation) so if you have irregular or suppressed menstruation,late or missed periods Mugwort could help⁣

Mugwort is known to stimulate blood flow to the pelvic area, especially the uterus, and is used for cases of: irregular periods to normalize/regulate menstrual flow (even in young women just entering their menstrual phase of life) delayed or absent menstruation (amenorrhea)

An Uterine stimulant: because it stimulates the uterus it also helps with menstrual pain and cramps⁣

As a result; Pregnant women SHOULD STAY AWAY from taking Mugwort as it causes miscarriages/abortions. ⁣

Uterine  Cleanse and Toner 

 An ASTRINGENT that tightens and tones lax tissues, it can help tone the uterus especially after birth⁣

Narcotic- mugwort has mild narcotic and sedative properties, which explain its use to promote sleep in cases of insomnia⁣

Digestive Stimulant and Appetite Stimulant 

Mugwort is BITTER- it is great for killing parasites and  it also stimulates digestive secretions including hydrochloric acid HCL. HCL is a great digestive aid that helps release bile/digestive juices for the breakdown of dietary fat⁣

So if you have a poor appetite, indigestion, travel sickness and stomach acidity Mugwort could be your go-to⁣

Expels worms

Mugwort is Anti- parasitic, it is used to treat a wide range of parasitic infections, such as tapeworm, roundworm, and thread-worm because of its antimicrobial, expectorative and anti-asthmatic properties and is safe to use on children⁣


Mug wort is effective against fungal infections like ringworms that infect the skin⁣. It can be made into paste and used topically on the skin. 

How to use
Mugwort could be taken internally as a tea or tincture or by applying it topically on infected skin⁣


Premium Quality

• Imported 100% raw from the USA

• Carefully Packed in Nigeria

• USDA Organic*

• Non-GMO**

• GMP Manufacturing

All our products are 100% natural and processed in a FDA Registered Facility in the USA. 


Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.




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Mugwort Leaf Loose-Choose Form
Mugwort Leaf Loose-Choose Form Sale price₦4,000.00