Our goal is to encourage you to start the year off right and maintain great health all year.

One of the ways to achieve this is by supplementing.

Are you supplementing? If not- our series in the next couple of days should interest you.

We will be sharing our thoughts on what we consider the most important supplements and why.

Use this to make informed choices on the type and quality of supplements to commit to.

Let’s get right to it- shall we 😀

First up- Vitamin D, often referred to as the “sunshine vitamin”. This vitamin though is completely different from most other vitamins.

What’s so special about vitamin D?
Unlike other vitamins, which are found in food, vitamin D is made in the body (with a little help from the sun).

Vitamin D is actually a steroid hormone that is produced in the skin when it absorbs sunlight.
So you would assume that everyone must get plenty of vitamin D then?After all, sunlight is free.

Sadly, that is not the case especially with those with darker skin. We are more prone to vitamin D deficiency because the high melanin in our skin reduces the ability to properly SYNTHESIZE vitamin D.

This isn’t good because vitamin deficiency comes with some awful side effects.

For instance, low levels of vitamin D increase chronic inflammation, especially for people with autoimmune diseases.

On top of that, vitamin D is critical for gut health.
If the body doesn’t have enough vitamin D, the gut won’t be able to absorb important minerals like calcium and here’s where it gets even worse: this can damage bone health by causing calcium deficiency.

Unfortunately, the side effects of vitamin D deficiency don’t stop here.

Vitamin D deficiency compromises the immune system, increases the risk of cancer,depression and so many other factors.Check out the slides for more information

So how do you decide what vitamin D
supplements to take? The best form of vitamin D is vitamin D3.This type is easiest for the bloodstream to absorb.

With that said, now is a good time to start taking vitamin D3, you can order here.

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