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Red Clover- Choose Form

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Scientific Name: Trifolium pratense

Origin: USA 

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This amazing super fertility booster Red clover is worth all the rave in the infertility community. The estrogen surge resulting from the use of red clover assists in follicle and egg production, preparing the body for ovulation.

Red Clover makes a nourishing herbal infusion that is great for reproductive health and lymph flow, and is considered a blood tonic, blood builder , blood booster. 

Because it is a blood and lymph purifying herb; it is a fantastic herb to alkalize the body and detoxify the uterus and reproductive systems in preparation for conception

It has more than 125 chemical compounds in it; Key for infertility are isoflavonoids which have an estrogen-like effect

These flavonoids are estrogen mimicking substances known as phytoestrogens that help to maintain normal estrogen levels

Red Clover has been shown to increase cervical mucus, aiding vaginal dryness. Increases circulation to the reproductive organs.  Improved circulatory functioning is excellent for both your ovaries and uterus, as they need healthy blood flow in order to work at their peak. Because it improves circulation, red clover can also help promote more, and more fertile, cervical fluid.

Red clover can maintain estrogen levels at optimal levels and can also be used to reduce high estrogens levels

If you are experiencing breast pain and menstrual cramps this herb will be beneficial to you

Red Clover has also been shown to increase cervical mucous aiding vaginal dryness

Red clover has also been used successfully for blocked fallopian tubes as it helps to soften scar tissue

This amazing herb can also be used for irregular menstruation and unexplained infertility

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Red Clover- Choose Form
Red Clover- Choose Form Sale price₦10,500.00