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Pressure Sensitive Liners - For Bottles and Jars

  • Packing List: 12 x Pressure Sensitive Liners
  • Advantage: The pressure-sensitive seal which is made of polystyrene foam material effectively avoids dust, moisture and dirt into the jar and prevents leaks and odors in the bottle so that it can keep the dry or powder products fresh at all times. In addition, it can protect your products from tampering securely. No induction sealers or heat shrink bands needed with these liner seals. No tools or heat gun required. This foam seal peels easily from the container When you need to open.


  • Instruction:
  • 1. Keep the cap where the seal needs to be attached clean, make sure there are no water spots and oily residues.
  • 2. Put the lettering side of the seal into the cap and apply a little pressure to attach it tightly.
  • 3. Finally, Screw the lid on as tightly as you possibly can, the seal is activated by the pressure of applying the lid and will adhere within 12-24 hours (No Strong Stickiness).
  • Application: Foam lid liners are coated with a torque-activated coating, after tightening the lid, they can be adhesive to glass, plastic and metal jars, as well as round containers with metal or plastic lids and closures.


  • NOTE
  • 1. Please make sure the right size you need before ordering. We don’t accept returns 
  • 2. Once the seal is removed, the tightness will be affected when reused.
  • 3. These pressure-sensitive liners are best used with powder, paste or dry products, not suitable for applications containing oil; Avoid overfilling the container.
  • 4. It is recommended to wait enough time before removing the cover after installation.
  • 5. These PS foams are not suitable for use at high temperatures.

Available Sizes

20mm Pressure Sensitive seal liner, thickness 1.2mm, for

PET material bottle for our glycerine type bottle.

40mm Pressure Sensitive seal liner, thickness 1.2mm, for

PET material bottle.

60mm Pressure Sensitive seal liner, thickness 1.2mm, for PET material small jar like our mango butter container.

90mm Pressure Sensitive seal liner, thickness 1.2mm, for

PET material Jar like our black soap plastic jar.



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