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Panax Ginseng American (Aged) 50 Capsules 500mg each

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Scientific Name: Panax quinquefolius

Origin: USA

Ginseng is often referred to as the King of all herbs, and is found to be a promising agent to improve general well-being

Panax quinquefolius root is highly sought after domestically and abroad for its wellness-supporting qualities.

There are few plants in the world that possess the rich history and lore of the ginsengs.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, American ginseng is considered to be a mild chi tonic which moisturises the system and reduces heat while building strength. American ginseng also supports a healthy response to stress, making it a valuable ally to the modern lifestyle. It also Boosts Energy,

Sexual Dysfunction In Men

Ginseng has also been reputed as an aphrodisiac, and is used to treat sexual dysfunction as well as to enhance sexual behaviour in traditional Chinese medical practices

Panax Ginseng Increase physical endurance, erectile dysfunction, and gives firmer, longer-lasting erections.

Ginseng enhances sexual performance, improves male fertility through modulating the neuronal and hormonal systems, promotes spermatogenesis, and acts directly on sperms via steroid receptors. Ginseng also preserves male fertility during disease states

Concentration, memory and mental fatigue 

Regarding mental fatigue, although a human study indicated that ginseng increases cognitive performance, it’s mechanisms remain not known, but may be related to the ginseng's glycemic.Ginseng is also effective in fatigue reduction.

Immunity Booster

Ginseng root has been well known as an immune modulator it has been used for maintaining immune homeostasis and enhancing resistance to illness or microbial attacks through effects on immune system.



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All our products are 100% natural and processed in a FDA Registered Facility in the USA.


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Panax Ginseng American (Aged) 50 Capsules 500mg each
Panax Ginseng American (Aged) 50 Capsules 500mg each Sale price₦8,000.00