From time immemorial, women especially have always been on the look out for products that delay the aging process. In 2020, the global anti-aging market was estimated to be worth about 58.5 billion U.S. dollars.

Many times we are on the hunt for potions, creams and even procedures that claim anti aging benefits.

If you are a nature lover nature like us, who prefer to hunt for more less evasive natural products that work, then you’ll love this.

White tea is one of the eighteen teas that we sell, this is our first time advertising in 5 years but the customers that love this tea swear by its anti aging benefits, along with millions of Chinese women who have used this tea for several hundreds of years.

Thankfully- studies are now sharing the immense benefits of white tea and there has been an influx of skincare companies who now incorporate white tea in their skin care range and we LIVE for this!!!!

Researchers have found that white tea when taken internally as tea and used directly on the skin actually prevents the breakdown in collagen and elastin, which of course results in a more youthful skin!

The way we usually advice customers seeking it’s anti aging benefits is to add a teaspoon of collagen powder into the white tea for a double dose of skin goodness!

Swipe to read it’s other benefits alongside its anti-aging promise

Cheers to staying and looking younger ☕️ while staying safe and healthy.

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