Manjankani or Oak Gall Nuts is one of the most sought after female herbs; and it's finally here *

Manjakani is famed to make vaginal muscles tighter, and increase the elasticity of vaginal muscle area.

It in rich in tannins known as gallotannins, has an astringent effect which tightens the membrane and the vaginal walls.

Its natural antiseptic properties are effective in eliminating bacteria, yeast and fungal infections, the main cause of vaginal itching and unpleasant odor.

It is also a potent anti-oxidant with an ORAC value > 40,000 umol TE/g compared with that of green tea < 1,500 mmol TE/g.

In traditional Malay medicine, Manjakani is used for feminine hygiene, promotes uterine healing and elasticity after childbirth, contract vaginal muscles and possesses antibacterial and antifungal (anti-candida) effects.

It took us months to get Manjakani Powder of this purity, we are pleased to offer 100% pure Manjakani Gall Nut.

We do not recommend using as douche.
Manjankani available for purchase here
Ladies …. Don't forget to do your kegels 😉

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I hope it really works

Blessing December 05, 2022

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