During this fasting season- we are cheering on all those who are fasting and preparing to fast.

Many religions promote some form of fasting as a spiritual discipline however, there are also some health benefits attached to it

So, what are the benefits of fasting?
Controlling blood sugar
Fighting and decrease inflammation from chronic conditions like arthritis
Enhances heart health.
Stimulate weight loss.
Improve blood pressure.
Reduce Cholesterol
There also are theories that periodic fasting may help you live longer, boost brain function and prevent neurodegenerative disease

Here are some tips to help you fast safely:

Ease into it especially if you are new to fasting. Cut back on food and drink gradually for several days — or even weeks — before your fast. Otherwise, abruptly beginning a fast will be a shock to your body.

Don't Break Fasts With a Feast, Ease out of it gradually. This is better because it will help you avoid rapid changes in blood sugar and the fatigue associated with consuming a large amount of food.

Avoid sugary foods and drink. when your blood sugar plummets an hour or two after taking sugary things, you may become extremely hungry and weak.

Keep Exercise Mild- It is best to keep any exercise to a low intensity — especially at first — so you can see how you manage.

Listen to your body and rest if you struggle to exercise while fasting: the key is to preserve your energy for vital daily activities.

Plan ahead for medications. Before fasting, talk to your doctor about how to take your medications. Some medications  are essential, and you shouldn’t fast from them. Other medications should be taken with food.

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