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Sadly in 2022, we are still talking about malaria. Malaria that ought to have been picked out. And to make matters worse, we are seeing many cases of drug-resistant malaria. Why is this?

The development of resistance to drugs poses one of the greatest threats to not only malaria control but other major diseases.

Our spotlight today will be on Antibiotics:Why Antibiotics?
Antibiotics are important drugs because they successfully treat infections caused by bacteria (bacterial infections) thus preventing the spread of disease and reducing serious disease complications.

But many antibiotics that used to be typical treatments for bacterial infections now don't work as well.

When an antibiotic no longer works against some strains of bacteria, those bacteria are said to be antibiotic resistant.

Antibiotic resistance is one of the world's most urgent health problems.

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Now armed with this knowledge of how you and I can really do something about this

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Let’s hold ourselves to a higher standard

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