Frequent bloating, constipation , acid reflux, frequent fungal infections what do all these things have to do with your hormones? ⁣

Your hormonal health is more dependent on a healthy gut than you think.⁣

Think about it- if a healthy liver helps to break down toxins including dirty estrogen as stool and you don’t pass it out- where do these toxins end up? 🤔

Irregular and inefficient elimination encourages estrogen to be re-absorbed into our bodies causing estrogen dominance ⁣
Not just that , but a high circulating concentration of estrogen is also the most common cause of the stress hormone “ cortisol” levels in women.⁣

Some of the digestive issues mentioned above also cause inflammation and increase cortisol levels so it’s a domino-effect that keeps your whole system imbalanced.

Another point to note is that a well-balanced gut has good bacteria working extra to break down food to be absorbed into all organs. Breaking down food is one thing, nutrient absorption is another. ⁣

An unbalanced gut prevents nutrient absorption in your body - so you can be eating all the right foods but it’s not being absorbed in your body. ⁣

Another issue is Lack of sleep- recall our conversation of your gut as your second brain weeks ago? Serontonin is produced in the gut if serontonin is low, it could also mean that melantonin is low which means disrupted sleep which also fuels estrogen dominance. 😔 ⁣

How do you fix this? ⁣
1. Ensure you use the toilet 1-3 times a day ⁣
2. Use pre and probiotics to help balance the bacteria in your gut especially after antibiotics abuse ⁣
3. Eliminate inflammatory foods - this will take a whole post ⁣
4. Increase stomach acid- you can use ACV, Lemon or lime water just before meals ⁣
5. Take bitters- they promote bile promotion which is key for digestion and estrogen breakdown eg king of bitters herb ⁣
6. Use collagen- yes we often only speak about collagen for skin and hair but it also helps to repair your gut lining. ⁣

We address the next phase tomorrow- your blood sugar and estrogen ⁣

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