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Chinese Motherwort E-Fong Yi Mu Cao- 50 Grams

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Used for thousands of years in China, Motherwort relieves menstrual pain by enhancing blood flow to the uterus and regulating stress hormones.

Helps with:

  • Cramps

  • Sleep

  • Stress

  • Mood Swings

Common names: Chinese Motherwort

Scientific name: Herba Leonuri

Parts used: Branches and leaves

Benefits: Chinese Motherwort promotes blood circulation to remove blood stasis, promotes diuresis, relieves edema, clears away heat & toxins and lowers blood pressure. Used to treat irregular menstruation, metrorrhagia, menoxenia, dysmenorrhea, postpartum lochiostasis, dystocia and retention of placenta. Effectively alleviates angina, trauma, nephritis with edema, skin infection, conjunctivitis and hypertension. 

Yi Mu Cao or Chinese Motherwort is a popular Chinese herb to balance women’s hormones. Chinese Motherwort Medicinecan be used to balance overall hormones due to its ability to soothe blood stagnation. It effectively helps with irregular menstrual cycle, amenorrhea, postpartum abdominal pain, heavy flow with clots, fixed abdominal masses, fertilityand traumatic pain. This powerful herb can also be used for targeted relief and support with fibroid and endometriosis



Motherwort Herb Benefits

Chinese Motherwort capsules by GinSen offer a natural solution for menstrual health conditions, irregular period and PMS symptoms including menstrual cramps, bloating. It is effective for reducing blood clotting, inflammation in the pelvic region, and overall hormonal balance. This powerful herb works to stimulate blood flow if you are experiencing amenorrhea, promote the functioning of fertility organs and soothe blood stagnation. 

Yi Mu Cao is a traditional herb to regulate menstrual cycle and provide relief from PMS discomfort. It contains compounds that stimulate the release of oxytocin, often known as the ‘love hormone’ which has shown to relieve pain. It is one of the popular 20 herbs used daily in China in the form of tea, soup or supplement to unblock energy channels and promote blood flow.

Chinese Motherwort helps:

PMS symptoms*
Irregular or missing period
Effective for long term healthy periods issues such as clotting *
Targeted Relief And Support for Fibroid and Endometriosis *

Caution: Use single Chinese herbs with caution; professional healthcare advice is recommended. Chinese herbs are generally combined in herbal formulas to work effectively together for desired results, and to minimize potential side effects. You can search our extensive collection of patent Chinese medicine to find the formula with the utilized herb most suitable for your health needs.


Chinese Motherwort E-Fong Yi Mu Cao- 50 Grams
Chinese Motherwort E-Fong Yi Mu Cao- 50 Grams Sale price₦5,000.00