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Scientific Name: Arctostaphylos uva-ursi

Origid: USA  

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Closely related to cranberry and blueberry, uva ursi is a low-lying evergreen perennial bush whose berries are a favorite of bears, hence the name "bearberry." However, it is the leaves that are used traditionally.

For Urinary Tract Disorders, Including Infections Of The Kidney, Bladder, And Urethra; Swelling (Inflammation) Of The Urinary Tract; Increased Urination; Painful Urination; And Urine That Contains Excess Uric Acid Or Other Acids.


Traditionally used as a tea or tincture. Frequently combined with buchu, cleavers, dandelion leaf, parsley fruit, or juniper berries. May also be taken in capsule form.


 No known precautions.

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