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Pumice Stone- 50 Grams


Pumice stones are volcanic glass formed from lava or magma. Pumice stones have a somewhat similar chemical composition as granites (quartz plus alkali feldspar). The abrasive nature of pumice stones is what makes them distinct and popular. Pumice stones or even pumice powder is used in a myriad of products available in the market.

Fine pumice powder has been used to add gentle abrasive cleaning power to hand soaps for many years.

Pumice powder is now found in a variety of exfoliating and cleaning products—shower and body gels, heavy duty hand cleansers, facial and foot scrubs, and household cleansers for kitchen and bath surfaces.

Soaps and creams with pumice powder are very popular and have a high demand due to its ability to remove dead cells, scars, pores etc.

Being natural and eco-friendly, pumice powder is more demanding than any other harsh chemicals. In addition, they are sustainable and proven to be effective exfoliant that really works without causing any damage to the skin

Pumice powder is ideal for teeth whitening and cleaning. Its abrasive textures help to clean the teeth without causing any scratch on the enamel. It is also best used for polishing to have a smooth surface. Stains on the teeth due to smoking can also be removed with the help of pumice powder. Moreover, pumice powder has the capacity to kill bacteria and thus prevent it from affecting the gums. Many teeth whitening toothpaste and teeth polishers have pumice powder as the main ingredient. 

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