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Henna Powder- 50 Grams


100% Pure powder

Premium Quality Henna leaves 

Free from any additives, Ammonia, PPD, Paraben, heavy metals, metallic salts or preservatives.

Fine ground Triple sifted Henna leaves powder 

One of the most popular Ayuverda herbs out there, typically used for tattoos in certain cultures.

Makes Hair strong and healthy by Conditioning them, revitalizes dull Hair and adds shine, prevents hair breakage.

Application of Henna makes hair healthy and lustrous.

Safe for all hair and skin types.

Repeated use improves Color and Luster.

When Combined with Indigo Powder or followed by application of Indigo paste, creates Shades of light to with dark Brown and Black Hair

Henna on its own dyes hair to an attractive Orange / Red color

Can be used to create Highlights.

It is one of the ingredients in our Ayuverda Hair Blend 

Henna is Vegan and no animals are harmed in the production or testing. Henna will stain hands if applied without use of gloves. Henna powder should be made into a paste with lukewarm water at least 3 or more (up to 15) hours before application.

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