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FeverFew Herb Organic- 100 Grams

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Botanical Name: Tanacetum parthenium
Origin: USA

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Feverfew is native to Eurasia and has a long history of use in traditional European herbalism. The herb is typically steeped as tea, or employed topically.

Used as the name implies for fevers, frequent  migraines, headache, joint pain and spasms, reduces pains associated with rheumatoid arthritis and menstrual cramps.

If you suffer from headaches and migraines, feverfew will be highly beneficial 

Feverfew got its name from its traditional use of treating fevers by bringing down the temperature and help the fever to “break”

The plant also has the reputation of being an effective remedy for headaches and migraine, scientists believe that substances found in the herb might act in a similar way as aspirin

Aspirin, contains acetylsalicylic acid which produces prostaglandin; a substance effective in the treatment of pain

A chemical substance parthenolide found in feverfew hinders the production of prostaglandins in a similar way as acetylsalicylic acid in aspirin

Feverfew benefits

🌱Long term use for migraines

🌱Promotes the onset of menstrual period

🌱Reduces menstrual pain; menstrual cramps and promotes menstrual flow

🌱Calms Rheumatoid Arthritis

🌱Heals Dermatitis

🌱Prevents Blood Clots

🌱 Acts as a purgative


🌱Pregnant and breastfeeding women should NOT take this herb. This herb is also not recommended for children, especially those under 2 years of age.



Premium Quality

• Imported 100% raw from the USA

• Carefully Packed in Nigeria

• USDA Organic*

• Non-GMO**

• GMP Manufacturing

All our products are 100% natural and processed in a FDA Registered Facility in the USA. 

 Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.




100 Grams Organic FeverFew Herb-Herbs-The Health Place
FeverFew Herb Organic- 100 Grams Sale price₦4,000.00