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Epsom Salt-200 Grams


Scientific Name: Magnesium sulfate

Origin: USA

Epsom salt is principally used in bath salts to promote relaxation. It can be used as a stand alone salt for soaking, or may be blended with essential oils and botanicals for a truly splendid bathing experience. Our epsom salt is of the highest quality, and its coarse texture makes it easy to incorporate them into baths and soaks.

Epsom salt is mainly made up of magnesium and sulfates. Unlike other salts, epsom salt does not leave the skin feeling dry and instead leaves it with a soft and silky texture. Adding magnesium sulfate epsom salts to your bath water makes for a luxurious and relaxing experience for the mind and body. While soaking, try massaging some of the salts over your skin, as this will help to exfoliate and cleanse the skin. For sore feet, add 1/2 cup of epsom salt to a large pot of water. Essential oils, such as Lavender or Rosemary, may be added to enhance relaxation. To make a compress, dissolve 2 cups of epsom salt in hot water, and use this mixture for your compress.

Bath Soak for ovarian cysts  

Epsom salt bath has medically proven to help reduce pain and other symptoms associated with ovarian cysts. The high magnesium sulfate content in it acts as a muscle relaxant that aids in easing pain. Add one cup of Epsom salt to your bath tub and soak your lower body in it for 20-30 minutes.

Stores well under most conditions, but high fluctuations in humidity will cause it to cake. Epsom is a granular salt with an average size of 1-2 mm. Fully dissolves in water and blends well with oil.

Intended Use: Cosmetic use only, For external use only.

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