Energy Boosting Herbal Tea

There are numerous different types of herbal tea, and they all have amazing benefits. Regardless of your goal, there’s an herbal tea for you by The Health Place Africa.

Did you know herbal teas are also known as tisanes? They are made with spices, herbs, and other plant materials to create a blend of fruit, barks, leaves, roots, or flowers of edible tea plants. To get all the medicinal benefits, the tea is extracted in hot water so that the nutrients are easy to digest. The top five energy-boosting herbal teas that also have other benefits include:

  1. Green tea: it also keeps free radicals under control and reduces the risk of cancer. Green tea also prevents heart disease.
  2. Ginseng tea: ginseng is commonly used to help fight obesity by stabilizing blood sugar levels and suppressing your appetite.
  3. Ginger tea: it’s one of the most common herbal teas, but it also has anti-inflammatory properties that are widely used to improve the health of your gut.
  4. Eucalyptus tea: eucalyptus is known to fight respiratory infections because it has strong antibacterial properties too.
  5. Hawthorn tea: hawthorn has high digestive fiber levels, making it beneficial for proper digestion.

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